Declare the Minor

Declare the Minor

Contact your primary major advisement center.

Transfer Courses from Another University

1. Contact the BYU Transfer Evaluation Office (, 801-422-2631, B-150 ASB) to verify that your credits have transferred to BYU.

2. Email Rebecca Brazzale ( in the Center for Language Studies to discuss which transferred courses can count towards the minor.  


1. Contact Liberal Arts Advisement & Careers (801-422-3541,, 1041 JFSB) to find out if there is a pre-approved substitution.

2. If there isn’t, email Rebecca Brazzale ( to discuss your proposed substitution. You will most likely need to provide a syllabus for the course you are hoping to use as a substitution, and you will need to show how it matches the learning outcomes of the course that it would substitute.  

More Information

To learn more about the minor or to explore different career options, networking, etc., set up an appointment with Doug Porter (advisor for the minor) in 1041 JFSB (801-422-3541,