About CLS

The Center for Language Studies resides in the Brigham Young University College of Humanities and is directed by Dr. Ray T. Clifford. Inquiries and suggestions are always welcome and may be addressed to the Center at:

Center for Language Studies
3086 JFSB Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah 84602

Center Administration

  • Dr. Ray T. Clifford
  • Dr. Robert G. Erickson
    Associate Director for Curriculum and Instruction
  • Dr. Troy Cox
    Associate Director for Research and Assessment
  • Agnes Welch
    Program Manager
  • Molly McCall
    Administrative Secretary
  • Yoni Kocillari 
    Administrative Secretary


Instructors for the language courses are drawn mainly from a pool of adjunct faculty from other universities and organizations. Persons wishing to be considered as teachers for the Center are invited to send resumes to cls@byu.edu.


Students registering for the less–commonly taught language classes may qualify for additional credits through testing. Classes taken may also fulfill the University Core Languages of Learning requirement.