Challenge Exam Information

The Challenge Exam gives students the opportunity to challenge the 100 and 200 level language classes in their second language and earn up to 16 graded credits (you may choose to accept any or all of the credits earned). Your listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills will be accessed. 

(NOTE: The Challenge Exam is only available to students who have registered for the designated language course. If the class is not currently offered, and if you are unable to wait until it is offered again, please visit the FLATS—Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service—website at to read about other options.)

Student’s Responsibilities for the Challenge Exam

Native speakers may NOT take this test. 

Students auditing the course when the Challenge Exam is offered may NOT take it.

Heritage speakers who grew up speaking English as their predominant language are eligible to take the test.

Students who are completing post graduate studies are NOT eligible to take the challenge exam for credit at BYU unless it is specifically required for the graduate program to which the students have been admitted.

Students who have taken the 12-credit pass/fail Foreign Language Achievement Test (FLATMAY challenge ONLY the 202 level by completing the Oral & Written segments of the exam.

You are responsible for the following steps:

1. Take the Challenge Examination form (you will get this from your teacher) to the University Cashier in D-155 ASB.  Pay the $20.00 examination fee and the cashier will stamp your form for you.  (You will not be given access to the test without a stamped examination form.)

2. Make sure all the information on the form is correct (most importantly your BYU ID#). 

3. Do NOT sign the form on the ‘student signature’ line.

4. Bring your stamped Challenge Examination form with you on the day of the test. The test will be held in B153 JFSB.

5. After you take the exam, once the grading process is complete, you must come to the CLS office (3086 JFSB) to select the grades you want added to your transcript within one year of the testYou may elect to accept any or all of the credits offered.



This is a 3-hour-timed test.  Arrive ON TIME and pace yourself so that the test is completed in a timely manner. 

Once you claim the grades, it takes approximately 3-5 business days for the information to be added to your transcript.

One (1) year after the date of the test, the forms are no longer valid and all grades are forfeited.  We WILL NOT contact you or send notification prior to the expiration date. 

The Challenge Examination grades are not included in your semester GPA.  They are located in a separate “BYU Departmental Examination” section of your transcript.  Although the grades do not affect your semester GPA, they are figured into your cumulative GPA at BYU.  If you plan to transfer your grades to another academic institution, check with the university/college where you will attend to see how these grades will affect your GPA and transcript. 

The $20.00 examination fee paid to the cashier prior to the test is the only money required.  No additional funds are needed to place the examination grades on your BYU transcript.