Foreign Language Student Residence (FLSR) Language Curriculum

The FLSR Language Curriculum consists of ten topics and associated tasks at the Novice High/Intermediate Low to Advanced Mid/Advanced High range that reflect Can-Do Statements developed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). In addition to mealtime conversations held on Monday-Thursday of each week, Faculty Coordinators will meet with residents once a week for one hour (time and day TBD by Faculty Coordinators and residents) and hold a structured conversation based on the topics indicated below. Note that Weeks 5 and 12 are designated for Recycling, which entails reviewing previously discussed topics.

Beginning fall semester 2015, students living at the FLSR can opt to register for 311R (Advanced Conversation at the FLSR) in lieu of a foreign language course on campus. Each foreign language will have its own course listing; section and credit numbers may vary from language to language, e.g., RUSS 311R:001, GERM 311R:003. Showing up for and participating in these conversations is required of all students; however, those registered for 311R will receive credit for doing so.

Above all, the curriculum aims to help students push their language abilities to higher levels by eliciting level-appropriate speech and employing scaffolding exercises, such as mastering vocabulary items, reading short texts, providing visual aids, asking questions, and giving students ample time to talk.