The Language Certificate Program

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We now offer language certification in 10 languages. Certification is available to all BYU students, regardless of major.

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In today’s international society, having skills in a foreign language has become increasingly important. To help students to hone their communication skills and to document their second language abilities, BYU has implemented a new Language Certificate program.

All BYU students are eligible to participate – regardless of their major area of study. After just one year, well over 200 students representing more than 60 different majors have completed the course requirements, passed standardized tests, and been awarded Language Certificates.

To heighten the credibility of the Certificate and insure that the test results are recognized around the world, the language proficiency tests are administered by an external organization, Language Testing International. This innovative BYU program is the only university-wide, competency-based language certification program in the nation, and students report that having the Language Certificate gives them an advantage when applying for graduate school and when seeking employment.

(The program covers the 10 major languages taught here at BYU.)