Challenge Exams

Returned Missionaries (or others) who plan to “test out” of Language Credits have the following options:

Please note that students who take the FLATS exam cannot take the Challenge Exam at a later date; students who intend on transferring to BYU or becoming a visiting student should therefore wait until they are at BYU to take their language class and take the Challenge Exam.

Those who take the Challenge Exam receive four individual grades – one for 101, 102, 201, and 202 – which they can then accept or discard individually. Someone who achieves an A, A, A, and B, for example, can discard the B grade which will then not be included on their transcript.

BYU offers two language credit exams—the Challenge Exam and the FLATS (Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service). Please read below to determine which test is right for you.

Which Test Should I Take?

Take the Challenge Exam if you:

-Are a BYU student enrolled in the corresponding upper-division language class that offers a challenge exam (for more information on this, please click here)

-Want 16 graded BYU credits that go directly on your transcript

NOTE: You can only request a challenge exam once. You must take it while enrolled in the designated course. (after you finish the course, you are ineligible to take the challenge exam)

If you are not enrolled in the class, please do not sign up for the challenge exam. 

For More Information

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Take the FLATS Test if you:

-Are NOT a BYU student 

-Are a BYU student that speaks a language that BYU does not offer

-Want 12 pass/fail language credits 

For More Information

Click here or click above for more information and language offerings.

NOTE: ability to take the FLATS test is contingent on approval. For more information, contact the BYU Office of Digital Humanities at (801) 422-3512.