Required Assessments

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In order to increase the validity of our assessment process, BYU utilizes an off-site assessment service: Language Testing International (LTI), the testing office of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

You will be required to take two assessments.

1. Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI): As described by ACTFL, “The Oral Proficiency Interview is a carefully structured, 20-30 minute telephonic interview between an ACTFL Certified Tester and a candidate. The interview is interactive and adaptive to the experiences and linguistic competence of the candidate. The digitally recorded sample is double rated.” Please see the OPI page for more information.

2. Writing Proficiency Test (WPT): As described by ACTFL, “This is a proctored, standardized test for global assessment of functional writing ability, measuring how well a person writes in a language. Candidate’s writing samples are double rated.” The WPT is a 90-minute hand-written test, or an 80-minute computer-based test, depending on your language. Please see the WPT page for more information.

NOTE: These assessments must be done on the BYU campus, and must be completed before graduation.

More Information

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