Dual Language Immersion Minor (DLI)

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Program Learning Outcomes

1. Articulate theoretical principles and research findings that support dual language instruction, especially with regard to immersion education

2. Identify appropriate objectives for the learning of academic content, language, literacy, and culture that correspond to curriculum guidelines          and student proficiency levels

3. Select and modify curriculum and materials for use in immersion programs

4. Plan for instruction that systematically integrates a focus on academic content with a focus on language

5. Manage the classroom in the immersion language, making input comprehensible and sustaining a clear and consistent separation of                      languages

6. Scaffold activities to provide opportunities for student output in the immersion language and elicit specific language functions and forms

7. Teach initial literacy skills in two languages and promote the development of biliteracy

8. Implement formative and summative assessments of subject matter and language learning, and apply assessment results to improve                      instruction

Dual Language Immersion in Utah

For more information on Utah’s Dual Language Immersion programs visit http://www.utahdli.org.