Declare the Minor

Declare the Minor

-You must have a declared teaching major (a pre-major does not count)

-Once a teaching major has been declared, your major academic advisement center can add the DLI minor

After Declaring the DLI Minor

Even though the DLI minor has been declared, please note that FLANG 301, 302, 477 are blocked classes until you have taken FLANG 300 and passed the OPI with an Advance-Mid score or higher.

Once you have passed the OPI, contact Liberal Arts Advisement (, 801-422-3541) to remove the registration block. Please provide them with a copy of your OPI test results.

Once a passing score is confirmed, the DLI registration block will be removed allowing you to register for the above classes.

More Information

Ellen Knell
DLI Minor Program Coordinator
3094 JFSB