Required Exams

Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)

In order to declare the DLI minor and qualify for Utah DLI endorsement, candidates are required to pass an Oral Proficiency Interview with a rating of Advanced Mid or higher (see ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for a description of the necessary speaking skills).

The OPI is generally taken in conjunction with FLANG 300, and signup instructions will be given in that class. Thanks to a generous donor, the College of Humanities will pay for you to take these tests once at no cost to you. If you desire to repeat the OPI in order to improve your rating, you will need to pay the cost of retaking it, which currently is approximately $144.00.

Praxis and Other Exams

In order to qualify for a world language endorsement in languages where a Praxis test is available, the state of Utah requires a passing score on the respective Praxis test (see Praxis Requirements for cutoff scores). In other languages, a BYU FLATS test may be required in lieu of a Praxis (see the BYU FLATS Website).

Following is a breakdown of test requirements by language:

Chinese: Chinese (Mandarin) World Language Praxis

French: French World Language Praxis

German: German World Language Praxis

Portuguese: BYU Portuguese FLATS Test  Passing score: 128/149 (85%)

Spanish: Spanish World Language Praxis

Russian: BYU Russian FLATS Test  Passing score: 128/150 (85%)

*For a list of Praxis scores and tests, please click here. 

You must pass the Praxis or FLATS test at the required cutoff level prior to student teaching.