Student Teaching

Background Clearance & Fingerprinting

Most of the courses include a short field experience where students spend 10-15 hours observing and assisting the teacher in a DLI classroom. As per BYU policy, prior to any field experience, students must be fingerprinted and obtain criminal background clearance (which you should have already done for your teaching major – see

Student Teaching Application

1. Apply to student teach in both your major and your DLI minor through Education Student Services (see

2. Complete fingerprinting and background clearance (see above).

3. Sign up for FLANG 477R (4 credits). You must sign up for this in conjunction with your student teaching. NOTE: Please be sure to sign up for the right section/language of FLANG 477R.

Students who student teach during Fall or Winter are usually assigned a 10-week placement in their teaching major and a separate 4-week placement in a DLI classroom in their respective language. It is also possible to complete DLI student teaching separately during Spring Term; this is necessary for students who plan to complete a full-time internship in their teaching major.

More Information

To Learn More about Student Teaching Policies and Procedures, please see: Policies on Student Teaching Placements for DLI Teaching Minors