SLaT Reading List

The SLaT M.A. Reading List gives you broad exposure to some of the most influential research and texts in the area of language teaching. The Reading List materials are incorporated into the Written Comprehensive Exam, which aims to test your understanding of and ability to apply concepts and information presented during your program.

You will need to read and carefully consider all of the works on the list. It is recommended that you read items in conjunction with your class registrations, but you are welcome to begin reading the summer before you start your coursework.

You can read more about the Reading List and Comprehensive Exam in the SLaT Graduate Handbook

The Center for Language Studies has compiled all of your readings for the SLaT MA Comprehensive Exam into the HBLL Course Reserve System. Many of the items can be accessed digitally, while a few are only available in hard copy at the Harold B. Lee Library.