Alumni Profiles

Traci Andreason

Graduated: 2015

Employment: Adjunct Faculty, Private University

"My degree and connections helped get the job."

Jeremy Evans

Graduated: 2015

Employment: Program Assistant

"The value of the SLaT program is in the combination of learning the latest research, having real teaching experiences where that research can be practiced, and having intimate access to professors via small classroom sizes and other opportunities for one-on-one interactions."

Rebecca Emery

Graduated: 2017

Employment: Substitute Teacher

"Learning to critically analyze research and statistics. This skill has gone far beyond language and teaching and had helped me in several different aspects of my life to not just believe what people tell me, but to do research and find out for myself."

Josh Hogue

Graduated: 2017

Employment: Instructional Designer

“I loved my time in the SLaT program! In my daily work designing online language courses, I constantly pull from the skills and experience I gained from my studies.”

Yu Fang Liao

Graduated: 2014

Employment: Assistant Professor, Federal Language Institute

"If you are looking for a high-quality yet affordable language teaching program. Congratulations! You have found it!"

Celine Rose

Graduated: 2013

Employment: Assistant Professor, Private University

"I value the research that I conducted in my courses and for my MA thesis. Knowing that I enjoyed research not only prepared me for my PhD program but motivated me to continue my studies. I also enjoyed the support of my advisor and other professors. What I learned through their mentorship is still valuable to me today."

Donna Andrus Scordari

Graduated: 2012

Employment: Teacher, Public School

"This program helped me gain a broader appreciation for language acquisition and equipped me with very useful understanding and skills needed to teach a language. It's been six years since I graduated, but I refer back to principles I learned in this program pretty much every day at work!"

Jordan Wilson

Graduated: 2015

Employment: Language Program Administrator

"The SLaT program gave me the pedagogical and research knowledge needed to be successful in a variety of educational settings. I loved my time in the SLaT program, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a top-notch, intimate, and affordable program that will allow them to work in any Foreign Language educational setting they choose."