Returned Missionary Language Classes

Returned missionaries who wish to maintain their language skills can do so in a number of ways as BYU students.

If your language is not taught at BYU or you are not a BYU student, you are eligible to take the FLATS exam, which provides you with up to 12 pass/fail credits. You can find out more about the FLATS exam here.

If your language is taught at BYU, and you are a BYU student or a visiting student, you are eligible to take the Challenge Exam, which provides you with up to 16 graded credits. In order to take the Challenge Exam, you must be enrolled in the corresponding Returned Missionary class. By completing the class, you will fulfill the Global and Cultural Awareness and Languages of Learning General Education requirements.

If students wish to continue further with their language learning, they can continue their studies through earning a Language Certificate, a Minor, or a Major if it is available in their language.

See the list below for the classes we generally recommend for Returned Missionaries.


*Challenge Exam Offered


Albanian 330*

Armenian 330*

Bulgarian 330*

Cambodian 330*

Cebuano 330*

Croatian 330*

Chinese 202*

Czech 330*

Danish 321*

Dutch 330*

Estonian 330

Fijian 330*

Finnish 321*

French 321*

Georgian 330*

German 330*

Guarani 330

Haitian-Creole 330*

Hindi 330

Hmong 330*

Hungarian 330*

Indonesian 330*

Kiribati 330


Latvian 330

Lithuanian 330

Malagasy 330*

Malay 330*

Mongolian 330*

Norwegian 321*

Persian 330*

Polish 330*

Portuguese 321*

Romanian 330*

Russian 330*

Samoan 330*

Serbian 330*

Slovak 330*

Spanish 321*

Slovenian 330*

Swedish 321*

Tagalog 330*

Thai 330*

Tongan 330*

Turkish 330

Ukrainian 330*

Vietnamese 330*