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Challenge Exam and FLATs

BYU offers two language credit exams—the Challenge Exam and the FLATS (Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service). 

Which test is right for me?

1. Challenge Exam


  • BYU students who are enrolled in a corresponding upper-division language class that offers a challenge exam.

If you take the Challenge Exam, you will receive four individual grades – one for 101, 102, 201, and 202 – which you can then accept or discard individually. If you achieve an A, A, A, and B, for example, you can discard the B grade, which will then not be included on your transcript. You will receive 16 graded BYU credits that go directly on your transcript and do affect you GPA.

You can only request a challenge exam once. You must take it while enrolled in the designated course. After you finish the course, you are ineligible to take the challenge exam. If you are not enrolled in the class, please do not sign up for the challenge exam. 

Languages Offered:

Afrikaans Dutch Icelandic
Navajo Slovenian
Albanian Estonian
Indonesian Norwegian
Armenian Fijian Kiribati
Persian-Farsi Tagalog
Aymara Finnish LLonggo
Bulgarian Georgian Latvian Quechua
Cakchiquel Greek Lithuanian
Rarotongan Turkish
Cambodian/Khmer Guarani
Romanian Ukrainian
Cebuano Haitian Creole Maori Samoan Vietnamese
Croatian Hmong Malay Serbian Welsh
Czech Hungarian Mongolian

More information on the Challenge Exam

Request a Challenge Exam

2. FLATS Exam

Policy for Credit and/or Grades based on Foreign Language Achievement Testing Services (FLATS) and the CLS Challenge Exams

1. BYU students may take a test offered by the BYU Foreign Language Achievement Testing Services (FLATS) for 12 pass/fail credits (or the equivalent of 101, 102, 201).

2. A BYU student who has taken a test offered by the FLATS for a given language may later replace those 12 pass/fail credits with graded credits and potentially also earn graded credit for 202 by:

  • Enrolling in and passing the advanced 330 course for the target language, and
  • Successfully challenging the credits as described in the 330 course for that language.

Students who successfully challenge the 16 credits will still have the option to accept or reject their graded credits. If they do accept the graded credits, they will need to pay the administration fees associated with accepting the graded credits. Students may NOT accept graded credit from a challenge exam for lower-division courses they have already completed.

How this differs from the previous policy

Traditionally, tests offered in the FLATS have been available primarily to students at other institutions. While BYU students were able to take the FLATS, those who did so were prohibited from later receiving graded credit if they were to enroll in the advanced 330 language courses.

More Information on the FLATS Exam

Register for the FLATS Exam