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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Returned missionaries who wish to maintain their language skills can do so in a number of ways as BYU students.

    If your language is not taught at BYU or you are not a BYU student, you are eligible to take the FLATS exam, which provides you with up to 12 pass/fail credits.

    If your language is taught at BYU, and you are a BYU student or a visiting student, you are eligible to take the Challenge Exam, which provides you with up to 16 graded credits. In order to take the Challenge Exam, you must be enrolled in the corresponding upper-division class. By completing the class, you will fulfill the Global and Cultural Awareness and Languages of Learning General Education requirements.

    If students wish to continue further with their language learning, they can continue their studies through earning a Language Certificate, a Minor, or a Major if it is available in their language.

    For more information, view What Returned Missionary Language Course Should I Enroll In?

  • The Challenge Exam is a language credit exam. BYU students who are enrolled in a corresponding upper-division language class that offers a Challenge Exam are eligible to take the exam.

    If you take the Challenge Exam, you will receive four individual grades – one for 101, 102, 201, and 202 – which you can then accept or discard individually. If you achieve an A, A, A, and B, for example, you can discard the B grade, which will then not be included on your transcript. You will receive 16 graded BYU credits that go directly on your transcript and do affect you GPA.

    You can only request a Challenge Exam once. You must take it while enrolled in the designated course. After you finish the course, you are ineligible to take the Challenge Exam. If you are not enrolled in the class, please do not sign up for the Challenge Exam. 

    Languages Offered:

    AlbanianCroatianHaitian CreoleMalaySlovak

    More information on the Challenge Exam

    Request a Challenge Exam

  • Whether or not you are seeking a degree in a foreign language, you can earn a BYU Language Certificate. The Language Certificate Program is available to all matriculated BYU students who are pursuing any BYU undergraduate or graduate degree.

    The recognition of your foreign language proficiency will make a meaningful addition to your university experience and strengthen your resume or portfolio as you seek employment, begin your career, or apply to graduate school as a diversely skilled individual.

    • Your BYU transcript will have an official notation of your advanced coursework and language proficiency.
    • You will receive a BYU Language Certificate endorsing your completion of advanced coursework and proficiency achievement.
    • You will receive official certificates from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) documenting your proficiency for speaking and/or writing.
    • It’s FREE!

    Visit Language Certificate for more information.

  • These WPT and the OPI must be done on the BYU-Provo campus and must be scheduled before graduation.

    When you are ready to take your proficiency tests, please send an email request to

    For more information, visit Language Certificate.

  • The ratings for each assessment will typically be available within 2-4 weeks after taking them. Students need to contact CLS 2-4 weeks after their exam in order to receive their results. Email us at