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Global Education Initiative

What is BYU-Pathway Worldwide and the Global Education Initiative?

BYU-Pathway Worldwide provides access to spiritually based degrees completely online at an affordable price. The preferred path to a degree begins with PathwayConnect, which includes foundational academic and religion courses that help students see increased success.

BYU-Pathway serves more than 50,000 students in 152 countries annually. All course materials are produced and all meetings are conducted solely in English.

The Center for Language Studies supports this Global Education Initiative by developing, administering, and maintaining high-quality English-language assessments. These assessments help to ensure student success in the following ways:

1) They place prospective BYU-Pathway students in the program that best fits their English-language ability

2) They measure their language-acquisition progress

3) They evaluate their real-world proficiency

More About BYU-Pathway's PathwayConnect

Over the span of three semesters, students complete a course load consisting of both academic and religious education, entirely online. All courses count toward a degree.

In addition to taking academic and religion courses, students gather once a week virtually through online groups or at local church facilities. At the gathering, students participate
in educational and leadership activities related to their courses, build lifelong friendships, and deepen testimonies of Jesus Christ.

After PathwayConnect, BYU-Pathway provides students with access to more than 40 online BYU-Idaho and Ensign College certificates and degrees in fields like business, technology, health and more.

More information about BYU-Pathway Worldwide