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Now Available for Chinese Flagship Students
Program Goals
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Admission Process
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The Master of Arts Degree in Professional Language (MAPL) is an integrated five-year program that awards both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree at the same time to students who successfully complete the program.

Students must complete the program’s tailored on-campus courses, direct enrollment in an overseas university, and an internship in the target language. (Note: Because the MAPL is an integrated program, enrollees do not receive any type of degree until they have completed the entire program.)

For more information contact: Professor Matt Christensen ( 

The central goals of the program are to help students:

1. Acquire the language and cultural skills needed to attain ACTFL Superior-level proficiency in a second language.

2. Develop professional-level language competence in a vocational or academic specialty domain that would have applications in a real-world setting.

Admission to the program will be on a competitive basis. As a minimum, applicants must:

1. Have Advanced-Mid or higher proficiency in at least 2 of the four skill modalities of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing as documented by ACTFL proficiency test results.

2. Be a Chinese language Major.

3. Have a second major, minor, or demonstrated competence in another field of expertise.

4. Be enrolled in the Chinese Flagship program.

Admission to the program is a two-phase process.

Phase 1: Students may apply for acceptance into the MAPL program during their “junior” or “senior” year as they near completion of their Chinese major. Once admitted, they may begin enrolling in the on-campus MAPL courses.

Phase 2: Prior to enrolling in the overseas portion of the MAPL program, students must apply for, and be accepted into, the Chinese Flagship Capstone program.

For information about the course schedule, download the PDF below or contact Professor Matt Christensen (

Download PDF here.