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Congratulations to the Winter 2023 LinguaPalooza winners!

LinguaPalooza is a language-learning contest that allows for students, majoring in a foreign language or not, to advance their language capacities, while completing meaningful and challenging projects throughout the semester. See what the winners have to say about their experience!

Amanda Murdoch

First Place

Name: Amanda Murdoch

Target Language: Tagalog

“I loved being able to participate in LinguaPalooza. It was wonderful to find opportunities to use and practice my language skills. I am thankful that there are so many ways to be a lifelong language learner. I hope to use Tagalog in the future in any way that I, either through work or through continuing friendships.”

Giulia Da Silva

Second Place

Name: Giulia Da Silva

Target Language: French

“My experience with LinguaPalooza has helped me grow intellectually as I have sought opportunities to improve my language skills. I have also made friends and stretched out of my comfort zone to reach the goals I had made for myself. I plan on using my language skills in my future career and family, aiming to connect with people who are different than me and teach me to keep an open mind to other experiences.”

Jason Nouanounou

Third Place

Name: Jason Nouanounou

Target Language: French

“LinguaPalooza was a wonderful opportunity for me to grow in my target language (French) and develop effective communication skills. I loved how the program was set up so that I could tailor the assignments to my schedule and keep myself accountable. I plan to use my target language to travel around different parts of the world and immerse myself in unfamiliar cultures.”

Find out more!

Want to participate in LinguaPalooza next semester? You can find details here. It is an opportunity welcome to all majors and speakers of any language!