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Scandinavian Studies


The Scandinavian Studies Program includes language courses at multiple levels as well as courses for the Scandinavian Studies minor.

Fall 2024

Scandinavian language courses to be taught through the Center for Language Studies in Fall 2024 (see links below):

DANSH 201; 3-3:50 MTWTh

DANSH 330*; 5:50-6:45pm TTh (evening class)

FINN 101; 2-2:50 MTWTh

FINN 305*; 12:30-1:45 MW

ICLND 201; 4-4:50 MTWTh

NORWE 201; 2-2:50 MTWTh

NORWE 330*; 3:30-4:45 MW

SWED 101; 1-1:50 MTWTh

SWED 330*; 9:30-10:45 MW

*IMPORTANT: We have renumbered some courses beginning in Fall 2024.
The old 321 language courses are now 330, meaning you may not take 330 if you have already taken 321.
The old SCAND 430 is now SCAND 320, so if you have taken 430 already, don't register for the new 320.
The former FINN 311 is now FINN 305, so if you took FINN 311, you should not take FINN 305.
In all of these cases, the course itself has not changed, just the number used in the course catalog. Questions? Contact Maren Mecham at

Scandinavian language courses

Scandinavian Studies Minor

You can also visit our Courses and Minor pages at the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies.
  • HIST 352 - Scandinavian Languages Paleography; 2-2:50 MWF, Dr. Sarah Reed

    SCAND 217: German and Scandinavian Cinema; 3-6 M and 3-3:50 W, Dr. Rob McFarland and Dr. Christopher Oscarson

    SCAND 220: Intro to Scandinavian Studies (new course!); 11-12:15 MW, Dr. Nate Kramer

    SCAND 320 (formerly 430): Cultural History of Scandinavia; 12:30-1:45 TTH, Dr. Julie Allen

    SCAND 325R: Scandinavian Choir; 6-6:50pm Tues, Oscar Safsten

  • Please see the Course Catalog for details on the minor requirements or talk to the Kennedy Center Advisement Office.

    DANSH 340 - Danish Literature; Winters, odd years
    DANSH 399R - Academic Internship

    FINN 340 - Finnish Literature; Fall, odd years
    FINN 399R - Academic Internship

    HIST 285 - Scandinavian Family History
    HIST 332 - Scandinavian History
    HIST 352 - Scandinavian Languages Paleography

    ICLND 399R - Academic Internship
    ICLND 429 - Old Icelandic Language and Literature (Cross-listed as SCAND 429); Winter, odd years

    NORWE 340 - Norwegian Literature; Winter, even years
    NORWE 399R - Academic Internship

    SCAND 217 - German & Scandinavian Cinema; Fall semesters
    SCAND 220 - Intro to the Scandinavian Studies Minor (new course!); Fall semesters
    SCAND 320 (formerly 430)- Cultural History of Scandinavia; Fall semesters
    SCAND 325R - Scandinavian Choir (may be taken 2 times for minor); Every semester
    SCAND 332 - Cultural History of the Vikings; Winter, even years
    SCAND 337 - Works of Hans Christian Andersen; Contact Program Director
    SCAND 344R - Topics in Scandinavian Studies (may be taken once for minor); Contact Program Director
    SCAND 429 - Old Norse (Cross-listed as ICLND 429); Winter, odd years
    SCAND 490R - Seminar in Scandinavian Studies (may be taken 2 times for minor);  Contact Program Director
    SCAND 495 - Capstone in Scandinavian Studies (new course!); Winter semesters, Contact Program Director

    SWED 340 - Swedish Literature; Winter semesters
    SWED 399R - Academic Internship

The University Course Catalog and the current BYU Class Search (Humanities: Language Studies) can provide more information. 
A few of the Scandinavian courses are taught through the BYU Evening School and are open for enrollment by non-BYU students. In the Class Search link above, run an Advanced search where the section type is Evening. Contact the Evening School with questions.

Returned missionaries: see the Challenge Exam page information about Challenge Exams.