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BYU Scandinavian Studies

Scandinavian Studies

The BYU Scandinavian Studies program is an interdisciplinary academic program teaching the cultures and languages of the Nordic region: Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic.

The BYU Scandinavian Studies Program offers a minor, language courses, academic internships, Language Certificates, and more! Students taking classes in the program develop analytic and writing skills that complement any major. They benefit from small class sizes, engaging topics, and even the availability of scholarship money. Many Scandinavian classes fulfill GE requirements and most are taught in English translation (aside from language courses). Questions about the program can be directed to Dr. Nate Kramer, director of Scandinavian Studies.

Minor in Scandinavian Studies by taking engaging and enriching courses that delve deeper into language, literature, history, culture and more. If you do a minor, you are one Oral Proficiency Interview away from receiving a Language Certificate (see below). It is also possible to have Scandinavian Studies as an area of emphasis within the majors of European Studies, Interdisciplinary Humanities or Comparative Literature.

Language classes include Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish from beginning to advanced, plus beginning to intermediate Icelandic.

• The BYU Language Certificate provides official recognition of your foreign language proficiency in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian. Requires Scand 430 plus 321 and 340 in your language of specialty, and an OPI test. See link or contact the Center for Language Studies for more information.

• Description of courses that are part of the Scandinavian Studies program.

• Bjarnason Travel Scholarship: Apply for the travel scholarship to help fund your studies in Scandinavia.

• Language Challenge Exams: Students taking a Scandinavian language 321 course (202 in the case of Icelandic) can take the Challenge Exam to receive up to 16 graded credit hours for 101, 102, 201, and 211R (conversation). Please see link for more information.

• The FLATS test can be taken instead of the Challenge Exam and produces 12 credits of pass/fail. See link for details.

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