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Scandinavian Studies

Scandinavian Studies Minor

The Scandinavian Studies minor is located in the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies.

A Scandinavian Studies minor is the perfect complement to any major on campus, such as European Studies, Environmental Studies, Healthcare, Engineering, or any major in the Humanities. You can declare a Scandinavian minor at the Kennedy Center's academic advisement office in 273 HRCB.

When you minor in Scandinavian Studies, you take engaging and enriching courses that delve deeper into language, literature, history, culture and more. Your language's 321 is the first required course (202 for Icelandic), so if you have taken that then you have stepped onto the path to a minor in Scandinavian Studies! See link above for details about which courses are needed.

If you do a minor, you are one Oral Proficiency Interview away from receiving a Language Certificate in your language. This is an offical proficiency rating stamp on your transcript that shows linguistic and cultural competence, adding interest and depth to your personal profile.